Is this realmeye bug?


was looking on top death and

do you think it’s possible 2million complete void but with only 4k fame… so i think there a bug on realmeye right?


The dude exploited those completes

I heard it’s something to do with reconnecting / going thru the exit portal with hacks but dunno


a year after that char died, but he still active playing on game, that why i don’t think he use hack and maybe a kind of realmeye bug


If this takes one second per complete, then he would have too do that for ~29 days nonstop to reach that number, so I think it doesn’t involve reconnecting

From what I’ve heard its done by spamming the packet that is send when you normally enter the portal.


Then isn’t this proof of exploiting the system, resulting in a ban?


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I believe it’s not a RealmEye bug, the ridiculous numbers would have to show up in the in-game character stats looking like that for the RealmEye boards to display them, because the RE data simply reports what is showing on the in-game character graveyard records.

So the game data itself has been exploited in some way (or bugged, like if the game could go into a feedback loop repeatedly issuing +1 complete, though seems unlikely).

An active and interested owner company would use this as evidence with a view to issuing a ban for exploiting, even if it seems “harmless”, to make it clear that such things have consequences, but Deca with their gentle approach to bans, relenting of previous banned players, and so on, doesn’t seem interested. Though you might want to send them a support ticket to see if they care, my instinct is they’d sooner stop RealmEye showing the data at all, the “shoot the messenger approach”.


More likely exploited than bugged, the dude has most completes for all 3 LH portals (void, cult, lh)

Lot of these exploited completes are done on light blues (see top pcave completes) but obv blacklist don’t care


These were exploited. There are other examples of doing so such as the pcave leaderboards as uni pointed out above. But also, Ziar doesn’t care about the game lol.


The entire reason why companies let things like wikis and subreddits exist is so they can reap the benefits of these tools (making their players feel like a community, having resources that can help them, having a place to discuss the game, etc…) without having to spend any of their own resources making or taking care of them.

Therefore, as long as the problem concerns only such sites and not the game itself, they can and will wash their hands of it. And since your number of dungeons completed has zero impact on the game itself, that’s very much the case here.

Don’t take Realmeye rankings seriously. All it does is make you take the bait and freak out every time someone does shit like this for attention.

(of course the ideal situation would be that Deca incorporates Realmeye stats in the game with incentives to reach certain milestones/ranks and fixes those exploits, but if I were you guys I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it)


If it helps, one can imagine how funny/sad it would look if RealmEye hosted leaderboards for other things that have been cheated over the years (accuracy, number of times nexused when flashing, HP/MP pots drunk out of the bag). On all these too, sure you could legit have a high amount, but the cheaters would really dominate those stats.

And it’s long been the case with the fame boards, since nobody knows to what precise degree autonexusers dominate them, but certainly they will be up there.

Best way I rationalise it is that RealmEye simply reflects the game, and we all know the game is quite a bit dirty with cheaters, so their deeds showing up on the boards is to be expected.

(Obligatory comment about hopefully Unity will incorporate proper security so that only using the legitimate client is feasible.)


God why don’t they just take away Arkani’s entries on the board if he was already banned?


They are leaving it to rot until unity, right now there are 3 permabanned accounts on legends, and 14 confirmed hackers, many who used either exploits or famebots to get there… legends has been meaningless for a very long time. More on topic I think realmeye should probably sift through their entries and look for obviously exploited dungeon completions and remove them, because a full reset would be unfair I think, but if they were going to do that, they would have done it years ago


I think there’s some merit to the RE admins’ hands-off approach. I also think it’s unfair to ask the unpaid volunteers to play internet police when Deca aren’t taking care of the problem at the source.


I sometimes can’t help thinking of the D&D Alignment when it comes to things like this involving RealmEye/MrEyeball.

They seem to take the Neutral philosophy about things. Whereas a Good-aligned Paladin MrEyeball would perhaps be active purging things from the highscore boards, and cheaters from the forum, this attitude can create its own problems such as false positives catching the innocent, and of course if they get Deca’s irritation through crusading the whole thing could be switched off if they’re seen as a troublemaker.


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