Item change [Fool’s Prism Discussion]


Fools prism should be removed from the game it’s funny once in a while, but people are overusing it and it’s really upsetting when people think they get their first white bag only to find out it was a joke. And people are putting a ridiculous price on them making it not even worth buying this joke is way too old and it’s causing massive disputes amongst players.


Trolls value trolling, why not make the price high if they’d buy anyway?

Please elaborate, as I wonder if people actually go farther than just salty in the chat.


While playing with game sounds on, a fake white bag actually makes a distinct noise when spawned making it easy to tell if someone used a fool’s prism. Also it’s not really game breaking or harmful, no one is being put at disadvantage for it.


Interesting! I never play with the sound effects on, so that’s not anything I would have guessed.

Even if the placement and timing is spot on to begin with, though, it’s pretty easy to tell if you actually got a white ever since you could see the contents of a bag by hovering your cursor over it.


Yeah it was funnier when people rushed over to the bag to see it and got shotgunned or something - that’s when people REALLY hated the item. Loved it.


Horrible idea fools prism is a perfect item


Something I’d personally like to see changed, as someone else once proposed, was to make Fool’s Prism still teleport you.
I hope you time your teleport well, or else you might end up getting blown up by a self-destruct attack ;}


I also wish that the Fools Prism is entirely removed from the game. Seriously. Such a terrible experience for a new player. It was funny when it was a consumable item that dropped at location because they were insanely rare and challenging to use properly. Now new players are robbed of the experience of that “first white bag” that I’m sure all of us remember so clearly. I was so, so excited when I saw that bag drop, I couldn’t have cared less what was in it. Seeing that beautiful sprite in person used to be such a fantastic experience. Now it is everywhere and is a blight on the community. By the time someone actually gets their first white bag they have probably seen dozens of fakes.

Alternative mistake item for trickster: nearby enemies to click change to a random sprite like the hallucination effect. That seems like a wacky, fun effect that would make people laugh instead of being salty.


Why are you complaining about the price if you hate the item?


It should either be removed, or the bag should be changed into a brown bag.

The game is quite unfriendly to beginners as-is, and this is just needlessly adding to all the problems. I started playing before fake whites existed I can say for certain that fake whites really do suck some of the fun out of getting real white bags for me, I haven’t been playing as much since then for multitudes of reasons including this one


I think that the Fool’s Prism should remain in the game, but it should be extremely rare. It is really fun to use and troll people, but when too many people have it the game becomes a drag. White bags are no longer exciting, when I see one I’m like, “oh wow, it wasn’t fake. Cool.” instead of being all hyped and stuff. It is still hilarious in some situations though


Maybe like, a prism that shoots out an “invisible decoy”, that doesn’t lead any aggro to it and is transparent? Kinda like an inverse of the Mirror Cloak!


fools prism funny

ive lost the adrenaline white bags give me though
that sucks a bit


They have an item similar to that that can change the size of monsters.


You can loose the adrenaline, but you will never loose the stimuli you get from seeing one. Trust me, I got a white bag consumable in my chest and each time I see it it just does things to me.




Wait, really? Do other bags have their own sounds, or is the white bag the only unique one?


The fake white bag erroneously plays the crusty booming sound that fireworks, the Ghostly Prism bomb, and one of the Prismimics (in their final phase) use.


lmfao Same


skill issue