Joshawsum's PPE Thread


OMG A VIT RING yesssssss


pog upgrades


archerang and a mp ring


HUH??? very unexpected


just some upgrades


another one!


mystic gang!


glitch can be scary if you get confused, and yes I’m bad at the game


and this is the start of the good summoner!




hp ring pog lol


nice a t3 mace and a dps ring


no sprite mace :frowning:, but I did get an upgrade!


yes I’m behind on the campaign but nice summoner skin!


Dang nice stuff overall especially that naval


para hp and a dye!


another dye and something I can use for forge! (yes I know its limited time but I alr had it and the only easter item I didn’t get from last year was the botany book)


finally a mace upgrade after 1k fame!


LAST PART OF THE SET! so happy even now!


and yea that’s pretty much it for screenshots! This took like an hour for me to post all of this stuff, but hey, I enjoy it!

Future: I think ancient ruins 1.5x event is starting today, although unfortunately I don’t think that it’ll be all too helpful for the ppe other than to max stats, but I think I’m still going to farm keypers until lost ahlls event. I’m going to be playing later today, so watch out for new screenshots!