Joshawsum's PPE Thread


new dye!


ooooooh more forge material!


kk so I’m not the type to make excuses, but I swear I frameskipped when I was at orange health and then I died rip


new summoner! and WHAT HOW DID I GET THIS FIRST TRY???


assassin skin gang!


nice nice


nice gear startup!


“ooooooooh the sprite world mace! I think Ima use it” said the impulsive me thinking abt how much fun it would be


and there’s my consequences for using a mace before even getting lvl 20


new summoner, and that’s a good start!


killer bee and troom without a robe!


and nice!


and yea, that’s pretty much all the screenshots today!

Future: I think I’m do a reschedule with the keyper event stuff, as I think the best way to start off would be to grind the ddocks and sprite world until I max stats and better gear, and then try to be prepared enough for lost halls event! Hopefully, I don’t die, but with my luck, probs gonna do something stupid.


kk so I’m back and I’m srry for not posting yesterday I just wanted to show y’all at least a decent PPE on this thread


what I get for using something I got from an st chest :frowning:


kk so I did A LOT of summoner ppe’s, but here’s two highlights


gear upgrade lol




very sadge moment(its the keychain btw)


2nd failed summoner