Joshawsum's PPE Thread


Unfortunate, got a white bag and died immediately, happened to me in a Castle too except it was the Sword AND the Anointed same run ( from statue )


kk boiis I’m back, and I have new screenshots!


that’s pretty cool!


I don’t think my man’s shooting at all, in fact I think he’s stuck


nice I guess


nvm this was from the same oryx castle lol


someone popped an o3. . .and yea if you couldn’t tell I’m actually the worst at gemsbok out of all the mini’s


ayo I’m back, and srry abt not posting as much screenshots, we have 2 finals weeks, and I have been needing to do more assignments while studying for finals, so its a bit much


nice ring startup


nice wand ok ok


that was unexpected O_O


PUB O3!!!


even with objectively worse gear than last time, I still completed beisa no probs(which shows how bad I am at gemsbok), also nice lute although I would’ve preferred armor


I then did o3 and when heavens came along I was too slow.


and that’s all the screenshot I have today, hopefully I have time to play later today


I probably would have just decided to nexus at that low of a level if I’d gotten any significant lute loot. :frowning:


Imagine having it shoot when you’re directly near it or on top of it, especially the confuse


yea, so I had bunch of time yesterday to play some realm, so there’s a lot of screenshots, especially because of the event. . .


priest start!


bro epic sprite wand tho