June Death-o-graphic (Lost Halls edition)


Copied from a Deca Reddit post made 2 days ago:


Embed of the image (at 25% size as it’s too huge):


Also found this covering May (posted 2nd June) that I don’t think got copied onto the forum:


25% embed again:

Seems there was an incorrect version first posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/gv7fgo/may_deathographic/ hence the ‘correct’ bit from the later post.

Edit: I added these and all the older ones I could find onto the wiki to give them a more findable location. Couldn’t find any to cover Feb or April but maybe they never existed.

reuploaded image




oh this is pretty interesting, never thought they’d release this number o.O we can use this to estimate how much revenue key sales actually bring in. estimate of key sales revenue:


  • average key cost of 150 gold
  • average gold/USD ratio is 130/1 (assumes on average everyone buying the “most popular pack” of 2600 gold for 20 USD)


65156 keys * 150 gold/key * 1USD/130gold
= $75180 USD for the month of May

this is actually substantially less than what i would expect from key sales, since supposedly (didn’t look into this) this figure was released in 2018.

even tho i think this is a conservative estimate of how much actual money they made off keys–especially since may had the abyss runner event (keys for fame) and i believe the avg gold/key is higher than 150 ever since they started with the whole “enchanted/guild” keys–i’m still surprised by how low it is. bumping the second assumption up to avg of 7k gold per 50 USD pack only drops the estimate to 69k USD.


disregard this post @gbslayer pointed out those are only abyss runner keys…derrrrrp


looks like 4 times more people died in june from spooky boi than in may


That’s a lot of moolah.


yems tho this was from 2018, and when i visited that croatian website i cant seem to find such figures anymore ;-;



teat milk


noice deca be on top of their taxes

lol teat milk


il drink ur mums teatmik

also accidentally mixed up croatia with estonia yikes sorry croatian/estonian players…

from the site niegil linked, idk whats “taxable turnover” (from my shitty accounting course i guess that’s earnings before income and tax = revenue - expenses - depreciation) but i guess it’s good enough to look at. been pretty consistently making over 2 mil profit since 2018q3.

also uhh this is june deathographic topic…so i guess rip our wallets ok nevov im on topic :sweat_smile:

but ya dys and i were talking a while ago about the breakdown of rotmg revenue. msellers said “pets saved rotmg” in kabam days but i doubt pets make up that much of revenue anymore. we agreed that it was probably skins / keys / sts that make up 80% of the revenue today tho weren’t really sure about the subbreakdown. unfortunate the infographic didn’t actually list all keys popped in june but my 2brain thought so…


also more interesting shit (which is just them flexing)


from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQRm11KOxkE

Realm of the Mad God is a beloved indie browser game. Find out how we re-energized its loyal fans and doubled its DAU, 6 years after launch without marketing spend.

in terms of deathographics, april/may both had 1 mil but june had 600k, deca knows how to retain their players really well

march had 700k while feb had 500k, so we’re basically back to pre unity again


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