Just a realm suggestion [add quests for char slot/vault chest]


Haven’t played realm in months now. I’ve been mainly playing a private server atm, because rotmg is becoming more p2w and I’m a poor starving high school boi. So I had a simple suggestion.
I feel most people are quitting because of lack of character slots and vault chests. A lot of people do not spend money on the game (I think), and when they do, buying something like a char slot is kinda expensive (not really). It’s like 5 dollars (not really sure) for a char slot.
So I had a simple suggestion. Every month or so, you would be given a quest. The quest would be pretty annoying/hard to complete. The rewards would be either a vault chest or char slot.
I feel like this would be good addition to the game because with the addition of this quest, non p2w players could have a chance at getting a char slot and vault chest, 2 of the most important things about realm by far. By making it a quest that you could complete once a month or so, I believe it wouldn’t really mess up the buying char slots and vault chests aspect of the game (I think). But at the same time, more f2p players would stay. I myself have been a f2p player for 1 year, then I quit. The main reason I quit was because once you die, you have to completely restart. There are no backups, and there are no ways to rebuild other than doing the hours of regrinding pots. After a while, this can get really annoying. Which is why I ended up moving to a pserver.
There are things that you can pay for which can make playing easier, but the main thing is that you can buy char slots and vault chests with fame. By doing this, you don’t have to spend hours grinding pots to max a character, you would have a backup. But ofc, if you make char slots and vault chests buyable with fame, basically no one will spend money on those 2 items. Also, with vault chests, you could store more things rather than having to be forced to drop them like I used to have to do. On the pserver I play on, I asked some of my guildies why they quit, and most said because the game was becoming too p2w. (Though I don’t have pictures, so if I ever need pictures, then I’ll get some.)
Although Deca is money hungry (not really. Also pls don’t flag me :cry:) I feel like something as small as a monthly quest could be good to add if they want to maintain a decent sized player base. When I play rotmg, I don’t really see any new players which I will assume is because of the fact that dying and spending hours grinding pots is tedious. Though I only looked for like 10 minutes, and they probably just quit cause they keep dying and can’t maintain a regular 0/8 character. I myself know that I would definitely play rotmg if they somehow added a way to get a char slot and vault chest without spending money. (Like the daily login rewards and the last day had the char slot and vault chest. That was pretty cool).

This was just a small suggestion that I had on my mind for the past 2 weeks. If this was already suggested, then mb, I didn’t take the time to look for anything like this. Also, I know someone is going to say something like “just use money.” Please don’t? Idk it’s your choice

Also hell yeah, long post. Also there are probably grammar and spelling errors, but oh well. I don’t really wanna reread everything cause I’m really tired. jk, I’m just lazy


Decas given a surplus of character slots and vaults via daily logins

Don’t be so indecisive.


Wait really, crap I missed all of that then. I thought they only did it 5 times, unless they did it more


Ummm 5 times is alot. Honestly deca has been super generous about free vault and char slots. I think if anything its more of an incentive than a turn off


The game isn’t p2w, look at npe’s. The main issue is L A G, which is why the unity port is everyone’s dream rn


You get what you get, and don’t get upset


Every once in a while there were char slots and vault chests in the daily logins, and a lot (most?) of the events they’ve done so far have dropped vaults and char slots, albeit at comically low drop rates.

Now the way they’re doing it is you get Vault Coupons and Slot Coupons from the daily logins (1 of each per month) and a stack of 5 gets you a vault or a char slot. Pretty sure that’s a scheme to give less free slots and chests in a way that’s not too noticeable.

The thing you have to understand is that you’re always going to need a steady cash flow to pay the server bills and the developers. Private servers may not bombard you with packages and mystery boxes 24/7 but eventually they’ll still need to get money from somewhere, somehow.

Might end up favoring whales anyway if it’s something like “Kill some dungeon boss X times this month”.

Maybe having special currency chests and making currency items (stat pots) stackable would be more helpful for newer players, but that might not be very high on the priority list.


Doing “something” to earn the free rewards I think would be better than merely logging on (which is why I liked the old Tinkerer system where he demanded you bring him low/mid tier equipment to earn the reward, and you could go and find them, or merely buy them for a def, but either way you had to spend more than 1 second, and you felt like you earned the thing).

So I do like the general idea of doing “something” to earn permanent account upgrades.

But a lot of your argument seems to be around that “rotmg is becoming more p2w”. What makes you think that it is? It seems quite stable on that to me, with the daily free things, the constant weekend events, the Easter event gave away a lot of keys (via the 25 egg quest) even this new Library is quite generous with drop rates of 800fp items. Now they’ve fixed sb amounts to be low, we don’t need to have an array of characters to swap between, any can loot in any scenario, & Discords surely allow players to run constant (free) dungeons if that’s what you enjoy.

Or is it the overflow of soulbound loot with nowhere to store it and no other characters to use it that is more the issue? I could see that being annoying. You could set the account aside until you can pick up enough logons/free token things to unlock a vault/char for it, and make a new account.


I don’t think it’s less. The five coupons needed, with one coupon each month, seems to correspond pretty well to the previous frequency of them which was a couple of times per year or so.

Using coupons has two benefits. It means you no longer miss out totally on a chest + char (as they were often in the same month) if you miss the month they drop from. You just get them a month later, assuming they keep putting coupons in every month.

Also you are no longer penalised so much for missing a few days, even one or two days, as the coupons drop earlier in the month (or at least they did before this month). They could have done this for the vault + char unlockers, but probably thought they were so valuable they could not be too easy to get.


I looked through the past calendars to get the data (it started in March 2017, & coupons arrived March 2019).

Vault Unlocker 2017: Mar 27, Aug 28, Dec 28; 2018: Feb 27, Aug 28, Dec 30; 2019: N/A
(total: 6 vaults given for logins)
Char Slot Unlocker 2017: Mar 29, Aug 29, Nov 29, Dec 29; 2018: Mar 31, Apr 30, May 31, Aug 30; 2019: Jan 30
(total: 9 char slots given for logins)

So if the coupons continue at 1 per month, every month, that will work out less frequent since it’s 5 months needed to get a complete stack, =2.4 per year.

The additional routes to get the tokens (event chests, mystery boxes) could/should be 5x higher than what the vault/charslots unlockers were, when they were theoretically in them at miniscule drop rates, so players could see a few of these, but that’s no guarantee.

Flattening the variation between months is probably a benefit, as people under the old scheme would look at a glance and write it off as a “shit month” when no unlocker.

Many months did have neither vault nor char slots:
2017: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct; 2018: Jan, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov; 2019: Feb

Now if every month has a coupon, people might be more enticed to log on. Although the coupons have begun to slide later in each month:
Chest coupon 2019: Mar 15, Apr 17, May 23
Charslot coupon 2019: Mar 24, Apr 26, May 30


Averages though are misleading. It seems to me that they were already slowing down the rate of distributing char slots and chests. The last three months for chests are separated by 6 and 4 months, the last three for char slots by 3 and 5. Both before and after MOTMG there were longish gaps, with a lot of people asking about when we might next see them.

I.e. it looks like they were doing them about 5 months apart, which is what you get with monthly coupons, 5 needed for a char slot or chest. I don’t think the rate has changed, from recently. All that’s changed is the delivery method, to one which is I think better for the reasons I gave.


After reading the replies, I realized my main problem was my lack of knowledge. Regarding the daily logins, there have been a total 9 char slots and 6 vault chests (I think) given out as a reward for coming on everyday. That’s where the lack of knowledge hit me. I started around the end of 2017, so I didn’t realize that there were the vault chests and char slots for the earlier 2017 calendars. Then I quit rotmg a little after motmg 2018 so I didn’t know about the 2019 char slots and vault chests. I thought the char slot and vault chests was a good idea for the last day of the login calendar, but when they stopped, I was a little bummed out. After like a month or 2, I thought they just completely stopped, but they didn’t. They still had daily logins with the slot and chests. Furthermore, they added “coupons” which apparently give char slots and vault chests if you stack 5. I didn’t even realize they existed, also proving my lack of knowledge.

Basically, I didn’t realized that rotmg is still providing ways to get vault chests and char slots without using money which was a mistake on my hand. I made this suggestion thinking that rotmg just stopped giving ways to obtain slots and chests without having to use money. So, ig just ignore my suggestion since it was a mistake. close maybe? Don’t know if I should ping right now


I cannot think of a single situation were you are able to play online games where you can’t figure out how to get 20 dollars… even if you are literally homeless you can manage 20 bucks in WAY less than the 20+ hours you are willing to spend getting a single char slot.




This is so ridiculously untrue. There are honestly HARDLY problems with lag unless you’re in MASSIVE servers during like events. I have died from lag ONCE, and that was YEARS ago during an exploit in which tricksters, assassins, wizards, huntress’ could spam LITERALLY the entire map at once and basically kill everything in the realm (except trix) causing SEVERE lag and an insane fame exploit. Other than that, I have never died from lag. If you have a terrible pc, then that is on you, not DECA.


Bruv without a client, and good wifi, crap always hits the fan


Yeah, but I don’t think anyone is gonna spend hundreds of dollars on a better pc just to play a flash game more smoothly, whereas Deca can do much more to improve the problem.


don’t know where this conversation went to, but can a mod close this thread or something, my suggestion doesn’t really matter anymore


DECA doesn’t owe F2P players anything. They have nothing to gain from sustaining a small and insignificant portion of the playerbase who don’t contribute to the health and future of the game.