Kill off Rogue? [Enjoying the game, inventory space]


Currently in my possession, I have an 8/8 Ninja (laugh all you want, it’s the best character I have and I love her), 6/8 Wizard (non-H/MP), 7/8 Sorcerer (non-HP), 6/8 Trickster (non-H/MP), 5/8 Huntress (non-vit, H/MP), 3/8 Paladin (att, spd, wis), and 5/8 Rogue. While these are all fairly well-equipped, I’ve run out of options regarding speed, attack, and wisdom potions; since mostly the latter can easily pile up in my vault unsold, and I heavily dislike throwing away potions, I wanted to do something, that is, as you’ve read:
kill off my Rogue.

I’m not enjoying it a lot currently, and I also already have reached 5 stars on it; as such, there’s little reason for me to continue playing it.
I still want some of your opinions on the matter, though, because it’s still a bit of a tough decision, just killing off this cool little char.

  • Kill off the Rogue
  • Don’t kill off the Rogue, drop the wis you get

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He died, tried to rush to AvaSentry.


Wis itself is a pretty shitty stat for rogue if you don’t have a good pet, and because of it’s extremely low price ATM I don’t recommend keeping that wis unless you have the space or are willing to wait a month for the price to come back up.


Drop the wis because it lost its value during the UDL event and the Davy’s. Keep the speed. I’m too sure how the attack will be effected because of the upcoming Woodland Labyrinth and Puppet Master Theatre. I suggest quickly trade attack for defense. I hope this helps, but if it didn’t go spam me when I get on to ROTMG. Peace


drop wis


inside job


Now that the rogues dead, can I vote to kill off the paladin?







Kill ninja instead


spppppppppppppppppppppht - Rthx (me)


Make a priest and use up the wisdom :sunglasses:


I wish to kill all the paladins due to an insatiable bloodlust for the least fun class in the game :slight_smile:


Now fight


I would rather not


Sorry but that’s the Assassin, useless and not fun.


At least assassin has 75 speed. Assassin is best played in a very casual way in my opinion, perhaps after work or when you’re tired and just want to sit back and relax. As it’s poison lets you deal damage while not really having to think too much about what it’s doing. Then the speed lets you get around faster, dodge far more easily and just be more comfortable to play which compliments the dagger quite well as it’s just short enough to not be completely safe to use but at the same time still having just enough range to be able to attack everything from a comfortable distance.
The paladin on the other hand is a sword class which requires you to either care about your posistioning and movements far more as to not end up right at say, 3.6 range and miss out on your damage. Then there’s the seal, by god the seal, the ability that rewards you the most for doing the least as it excels ao much at being spammed by a class that has no other upsides other then this thing. It gives a really solid heal and the healing buff giving even more buffer to its tankiness. Just an ability designed around being used as often as possible, whenever you’re maxed on mana, whenever you see an enemy, whenever your hurt as it just shrugs off most damage like a priest. The only positive for being a fun class with paladin is the fact it has 55 spd… oh boy 55 spd.


Atleast Paden can get damage in the first place.


You act like an assassin can’t.


Did you just assume its gender?!


All female sprites have a skin-coloured pixel for their tiddies.


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