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Okay, I really wanna know why you dont want to use discord


Not really flexing… Was trying to be friendly because I had a T10 bow, and I thought anyone there who wanted it should have it. Ended up giving it to a guy with really bad gear for free. I was just trying to be friendly, as we don’t want people turning into “Those Players”


And as for NubieDubies question, My parents personally aren’t the biggest fans of the internet and “Random People”, So when I was on Discord one day, My parents saw and I was just talking to some people in a discord for, I think Minecraft? And they saw me just saying a few bad words and they didn’t appreciate that, “THIS WILL AFFECT YOUR JOB LATER IN LIFE”, etc, etc. I get that they’re my folks and they just want whats best for me, but I find it kindve overbearing. Your next question is probably “Download it and hide it” First, That’s dishonest, and that’s not who I am, Second, Even if I did, They have parental monitoring, and passwords for mobile downloads. Sorry to spew my life story to a simple question, but hey, you asked. :slight_smile:


Hahaha my parents seem very similar. Im 20 years old and whenever i want to use the family desktop because the wifi is bad, I’m not allowed to download anything, update anything, use applications, go on game sites they haven’t heard of (especially f2p games because they assume there must be a catch), etc. I can’t even use google, theyre afraid of it selling my info so i have to use duckduckgo. I should really inform them about facebook and how they can sell your info even if you dont have an account.
Now that I have a laptop Im much happier cause i dont need to explain everything i do to my parents. Im not sure how old you are or if you have a lot of personal money, but getting my own computer stopped a lot of arguing in my house and allowed me to do more things that I enjoy.

Throwback to when i was 14 and got caught watching porn at 2 am on the family computer


God, thats terrible, and dont worry I wouldnt tell you

Also, that isnt a question.

Though you should rlly talk to them


Sorry, meant “Why don’t you download it and hide it”


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