Lag when OBS is open


Title. Game starts to lag while OBS is open. Doesn’t even have to be recording. Obs being open is enough for my stupid game to lag.


Heya, I also use OBS to record and haven’t run into the same issue… To be fair tho, I am using an older version of OBS (mostly because I’m too lazy to even update), so maybe the newer versions just don’t work well with the game? Either that, or it could be hardware issues. Were you recording and using OBS with Realm just fine before this?


What is your computer’s spec and how many GB’s of RAM your computer have?


I guess I should’ve also included this in my original reply to OP too for comparison, I’ll list mine:

  • Intel Core i7-9700k @ 3.6 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660 8GBps
  • 16GB RAM


Mine is:

  • Intel® Pentium® CPU 4417U @ 2.30GHz (used to be “underclockable” but now it can’t)
  • 16.0 GB (2 * 8 GB DDRL4)
  • Intel® HD Graphic 610


I have never recorded rotmg with obs before. I caan record other games perfectly fine.




those specs should be fine, mine are much worse but i can still record (or at least have obs open lo)

maybe check ur task manager with game + obs open and see if anything looks weird (i.e. super high cpu/mem usage)?

other random things can think of:

  • try downloading the 32 bit or 64 bit version of obs
  • recording with alternate software? could try recording w/ (if windows) the built-in gamebar recording thing just to see if that works
  • setting rotmgexalt priority to “high” (doubt this will work but worth a try :P)


Have you tried minimizing OBS? I know it seems dumb and little, but my game lags when I have OBS open and not minimized. I then hit Start Replay Buffer, minimize, and voila! My game now no longer lags.


I have above 50% mem usage if thats weird. IDK, not a really techy person.

I can’t record with game bar. The record button is always greyed out. Probably because I’m on a laptop or whatever shitty reason.

Set exalt.exe to high pri. Slightly better but my camera rotation in game is still very slow and you can just see the frames drop.


Helps a bit.


hm 50% should be fine. and ah ok gamebar doesnt rlly matter xd

the camera rotation thing is super annoying, tho it wasnt always like this. iirc this started happening ~the update early march. tho for me, this happens (even when not recording) in “crowded” places

ye thats super weird why obs specifically would make ur game lag, maybe if u rlly want could try other free recording software


been looking for one, but OBS is the only one that seems to work. It has always performed like ass for me so unfortunate.