Lair of Draconis Rework


And, for those who may enjoy it, here’s the subsequent Ivory Wyvern fight:

Which was at least 5x easier than Pyyr >:(


That’s one flaw I’m seeing with new LoD, you would expect the Ivory Wyvern to be most affected by the choices that come before…instead I’m getting the same vibes each time I fight it. Granted, I haven’t done all too many but having a stationary statue of the previous dragon shoot slow projectiles doesn’t drastically “change” the Ivory fight for me. (edit: of course there’s the environment tiles too, but those also don’t change it much for me, it’s more of the same “don’t step in that slowing/damaging/whatever puddle”)


Ive only tried the new lod once with a duo (priest/trickster) but we did green, red, blue. Pyrr was actually really easy for me because his minions did not much damage and were easy to dodge lots of.

Also contrary to what people were daying, nikao was a real challenge during the phase with the bridges and the huge shotguns (with armor break shots). I got low on health a lot and thats when my trickster partner died, leaving me to finish blue.

How do the drop rates seem? I’m usually unlucky with lod whites in the actual game but pulled a robe on my first 3/5 one in testing… :angry:


I’m pretty sure Pyyr only becomes real hard when he’s fought last.
I’ll try to test out some other combos - such as the one you mentioned.

Alright, doing Pyyr with Blue -> Green -> Black isn’t too insane. The Sick shots from Pyyr go slowly while still covering some ground, the minions don’t inflict Pet Stasis, and the slowing floor is a well-implemented hazard that makes the fight more difficult without making it feel unfair.


Pyrr spawns the tornado things after black afaik


…as was established earlier.

So far, what I’ve observed, Pyyr’s room’s changes are as follows:
Blue: The tiles that are not turned into lava becomes some sort of cold lava, that slows players down similar to hardened lava/honey.
Green: ~8 Rocks are added on the tiles that are not turned into lava.
Black: 4 tornado enemies are added that fire 80 damage, 5s Pet Stasis shots.

@Xaklor Can you explain why this was added as a consequence of Feargus because I really don’t see how this balances out >:\


I only did feargus, I did not make the other dragon’s feagus-inherited effects. Since the tornadoes are pyrr’s thing, you’ll have to talk to kiddforce.


First thing I did was a solo on knight with a maxed divine. Was pretty easy overall, I took some big damage point blank with limoz but that was it.
Next I did a petless solo on a priest that had default equips and a semi apple, wasn’t too difficult, nikao’s second to last phase when pyyr was completed second was a bit annoying but not too bad.
Petless paladin solo w/o csword was a bit of a pain but not too different to the priest
Petless warrior was also not too bad, felt fair all the way through. Nikao’s whack-a-mole phase was a bit annoying though

All runs were done with the order: feargus, pyyr, nikao, limoz

Ivory is a really good fight. As is though, the last phase is pretty easy because the wyvern is super easily distinguishable from the mirrors, making that phase a bit of a cakewalk.

After some other solos with pet, the whole dungeon feels really good. Great work making it not too reliant on pets to complete


Another Warrior solo, without using my ability. I blinked only twice - once during the second true power chase phase, and once during the final phase.
The former was just very tough to dodge, what with the Orbs and the Wyvern’s shots.
The latter was slight carelessness.

There was just one thing that stuck out to me in this run (as far as I can remember) - Limoz’ inherited shots from Nikao were very clustered together during his initial phase, making it very tough to approach or stay close to him. Was there a reason to give him both the spiral and directed shots?


You may want to make some of the shots in pyyrs fight go through obstacles.


Limoz’s shields in the last shield phase give xp

in Nikao’s whack-a-mole phase his inherited shots make it very difficult to get past him if you’re a close range class unless you resort to an unhealthy amount of facetanking (especially for red). this, coupled with his low surface time, makes it take a very long time to beat that phase if you aren’t a ranged character. you could reduce the RoF of his inherited shots, his targeted shotgun, or reduce the size of his targeted shotgun, or some combination of the 3.


By balances out you mean that it’s much more dangerous than the other options?

I wanted each inheritance for Pyyr to be different from each other (slow/blocks/damages) and Feargus being the Pet Stasis wind dragon that he is I settled on turret like tornadoes. In earlier builds they used to be much weaker than they currently are so it seems like I might have overbuffed them. I’ll likely take another look at it after PT.


@seelpit managed to solo on warrior with bad pet iirc, I haven’t tried with no pet / low lvl but warrior can definitely juke the shots.


I have done some more runs, and done each dragon last atleast once, through it’s quite varying depending on which order you choose the dragons that lead up to the last dragon, i can say that by difficulty the order would be Feargus > Pyyr > Nikao > Limoz.

The Wyvern is way too easy compared to any of the dragons if they are last, some key problems are that the dragon statue that assist the Wyvern barely gives any aspect of danger, it’s just an annoying turret with a few shots, i’d suggest having the dragon statues act the same way as a chase phase from the original dragon (without the inherit of shots from other dragons), through, they can be destroyed and they will rearm themselves after some time (15s?) to continue chasing, until the Wyvern is finally defeated.

Second is that the Wyvern should have an infinite chase range, while stopping from time to time, he should be able to reset chase regardless on how far away you are from him, also, the last phase with the mirrors should be reworked, removing the quest marker (i don’t know if that’s possible to do without spawning a separate monster), and have a penalty if you kill one of the mirrors (similarly to the way when you kill a Puppet Master clone).

I honestly believe that the sprite work is simply gorgeous and amazing, however, the Wyvern isn’t actually a wyvern, he looks now like a chinese dragon and i hope the sprite isn’t the final product, a wyvern looks like a dragon but the arms are also the wings, more or less, like this:


This may have already been mentioned but you can stasis the dragon statues in the spawn preventing people from picking dragons.


It’s definitely one of the trickier phases. My tactic was to rotate with the slowing shots while weaving between the high-damage ones, though even that isn’t perfect. Getting too close immediately results in eating a bunch of those shots, which, combined with the really short vulnerability, makes the phase both unfun and take longer.
I guess the latter is part of the former.


I will be honest here. The difficulty level imo is just a little above magic woods. It’s just kinda like a long mwoods ~ as if the mwoods boss had a decent hp buff and attack damage. I enjoy the rework though. What I would want to change is the hp (if hp is what affects the amount of time there is per phase). If hp doesnt affect phase time, please make phases longer… it’s just more challenging. Those are my thoughts on LoD.


That only work if the minions fire blue shots, since the sick prevents healing, red/regular are aimed at you so the damage taken is more consistent and the purple deal quite a bit base so im not too sure you can just stay behind the rocks


Yep. This is why I vaulted my sullen blade. Hope it returns to its previous name too.
Also vaulting my tome of pain, for a future rework of that bad tome.
Never commiting the same mistake of foddering items like tablet (before the buff) again.


its called the celestial blade rn
200-220 damage
5.2 range
no multi-hit
wavy shots