Last Words


I know this post is probably redundant, and I’m relying on Shatter to fix it for me. But here it is. Everyone’s favorite realm player (me) has finally been banned. Permanently. That’s right, it’s over. I guess I just did a bit too much rwt, but hey, that’s my fault. Anyways, I thought I’d take the time to thank all the people who made this game special to me. First off, thanks to Lockycock, Luckyblock, Tonycools, Cyberheavy, Katmastor, and Mindak. You guys were my first realm friends, and it’s been an honor playing with you. Second, thanks to Foampaper and Kuroume for taking me in, and showing me the wonders of Australians. It’s been fun. Third, thanks to IMilkbag for putting up with my emotional issues, and Slickjam for getting me into osu (I’m still terrible). Last but not least, thanks to Fumes for being the best fatherly-figure, and Tankidood and Magmesuise for being my New Zealand family, and for getting me hooked on classic rock. And finally, thanks to everyone else in the community for the fun times I had, it’s been a great 5 years, and I don’t regret any of it. You’re all amazing in your own little way, and don’t let any big shot discord raid leader tell you otherwise. I’m sorry to everyone I scammed, and dragged on. Have a great rest of your realm experience everyone! I’m gonna miss this game. :slight_smile:


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