Leather Armour Choice


recently came back to the game and got my hands on the beehemoth armor, hollyhock, and wraith’s brigandine. was wondering if i should use any of these instead of csilk/wyvern.
what’s the best for huntress/archer/trix/sin.

thanks bois, all opinions are very welcome


They’re all swapouts:

  • Beehemoth for rushing
  • Hollyhock for dps
  • Brigadine for survival

Brigadine as main armor and hollyhock as a swapout is what I would recommend, but if you hate constantly swapping out items it’s up to you to choose what you prefer.

Or you can be extra spicy and use all 3


never use wyvern if u have beehemoth, hollyhock, and brigandine.

Why would you use a t7 armor


For the bow classes, I would choose the hollyhock over wyrm. They have pitiful spd and relative safety with their range, so you can afford to sacrifice def. Dagger classes like their def. I wouldn’t use it on them.

Wraith’s brigandine is for when you don’t really need the offensive stats from wyrm and there are high-dmg shots present… slap it on anything and it’ll work out, but i’d only use it in endgame dungeons.

Beehemoth is only better than wyrm when you are rushing.