Let it be known, Shatter has balls



They are the first to win my game


what do I win?


Eternal respect.


Confidence in having balls, idk, poor player. I’ll give u an exalted hp or some t5 skills

[haha all good <3 - Shatter]


This thread is reminding me that someone is still holding onto my UBHP… I’ll have to check in about that later.


This thread is reminding me I still owe someone 5 decas…and they haven’t replied after nearly 2 months of attempting to reach out to them.


Thankfully, I got out of my 4 DECA debt to another player last month. He hated me for it, but at least he was responding to me lol

I don’t like feeling that I owe things to others

Do people pester you frequently in-game, @Shatter? Just curious.


pester for what? if you mean just for items yes, tons though i imagine this happens to anyone wearing WC tops or up


it’s the purple glow. and maybe memories of christmas giveaway?


I just wasn’t sure how many people recognize you. I know you’ve streamed before, and you’re certainly a notable player.
I’m merely a random player and have people interact with me directly in strange ways beyond begging, so if that happens to me, I was wondering how people commonly interacted with you.
(Knowing full well this playerbase is weird)


Haha, I remember when people thought that purple names were going to turn into an epic starist type situation, but that didn’t seem to come to fruition, at least not majorly.


Free Itemz Plz lel xD