Lets play with our imagination





:ok_hand: lul


Those flamers are angry at you


You do know that person sent that last year, right?


yo! why am i there!!??

oh its okay, it shows me obliterating your ass.

btw still loveing this thread! Absolutely amazing, one of five threads that i actually check when i come on.


I was about to checkmate you…


phhh. Who cares about that. I win. It’s called calculated!

(And i also have two wins before that game XD)

but yeah im bad at chess…cry


Both of you fools are nothing compared to me, a god. To be honest I haven’t played in a while(not b/c of realm) and I’m really rusty.




A bit of a stretch, but it checks out




Don’t question my imagination.


Not questioning your imagination, just your sanity /s


Can’t unsee what I’ve seen now.


It’s eating my pet :frowning:

technically the first was taken after thus has a pm there. using mouse is awful to draw. went for a messy style because thats the only thing i can do on comp.

i like how i took something so cute and made it so crude.


From cute monster munching your pet…

To blood thirsty, red-eyed abomination devouring your pet.


The hero this realm deserves


:slight_smile: with a nose


Shatts is the same every time right? So I wonder if that’s intentional


I just added the nose part


The smile is intentional, it’s supposed to be an easter egg of some sort (like the shadowy figures in pure evil?).

However it would be truely amasing if the nose part was planned.