Lets play with our imagination







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This looks fun! I want to try now.

A whale

Some weird cool chad lookin 90’s dude


definitely a stretch, but idc lol (too lazy to get my own pics B] )




Looks like some weird dolphin man with a gun




he’s number 1


was ;(
Edit: still in our heart <3


Robbie is always number one in our hearts :sob:

If you dont know who he is, he’s an actor that played a character named “Robbie Rotten” in Lazy Town, he was diagnosed with cancer, and loving fans started making memes based on “We are number one”, a song that he sang in the show, in order to raise awareness / money for him. Sadly he died not too long ago, it was really sad :frowning:


He was diagnosed twice actually I think, he survived the first time but the second… It made it even more heartbreaking in my opinion.


I’ve heard conflicting info, some people say he went into remission and got it again, and some say he never went into remission.


:musical_note: I am number 1 :musical_note:

How tf are you not hip


it’s an electric outlet:



But does it smell like lemons?


no, partially because I have better things to do than supply electricity to outlets with chain lightning spells and partially because I’m a ninja in that picture and not a sorcerer.

she smells like generically-scented flowers.


I see, I didn’t know sorcerers are supplying lightning. Keep up the good work!

Ninjas are flower scented?

Smells of the RotMG Classes