Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


It might not be wise to let your logon email be displayed.
Edit: Mynamerr’s edited it out but it unfortunately shrunk the image. I’ve re-edited to go back to a larger image. :+1:


Use the vault and chest coupons smh


woops my bad


Most on mules.


I don’t know how else to share the screenshot. But here I am, the garbage man of rotmg.


what are the letters from oryx? at the bottom


Old event.


Yeah… I missed the X and was pretty sad. Rip X.


I’m so glad I found a Jerma profile picture on this forum


lots of garbage lol


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The General Chat Thread


343 clovers -_- unless they’re all mules

updated md recently so everything displays also cuz mynam bump dead thread…


It’s not much but it’s honest work


my current hoard o’ stuff


Will pay handsomely for minor hp or mp potions


Bump coz I’m really curious bout you guys I would post mine but I can’t figure fiddler out