Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


so many misery keys from gifts eeee


Dang you stacked as heck


can u item forge ur gems fastr kthxbai


17 gems :blush:


I could swear I had more shrooms than that…


Slime skins :0


thread hasn’t been updated in a while so here’s a refresher


??? Dm me and let me know how you got muledump to work TT


that’s because muledump hasn’t been updated since the fame rework


This version of muledump works:


How do you make to pile the items up?


I think I have too many blueprints, I don’t know why


bro u revived a 2 year old thread :skull_and_crossbones:

also i’m sad I lost literally all my mule logins, i probably had like 40 mules of life pots and general tops :frowning: but i never really cared enough to store much stuff, i only had around 200 lifes


I call dibs on the life


200 is not even that much for a 10 year player i just cared to store enough to max new chars

edit: 200 life is just 12 accounts of life storage not that much


I was looking through some mules and remembered that I have these
Scrolling through it looks like I’m not the only one, but still a nice memory



Ah yes, the good old days when tarot cards dropped all over the place, and you had to save them up in case the Alchemist ever came back. You’re really hitting me in the nostalgia right now!