Let's talk about Oryx 2


This phase is one of the most misunderstood phases. It’s possible to do it without ever getting hit. Instead of rotating in the same direction as the daze shots, rotate in the same direction as the bombs and run through the waves of the daze shots.

Edit: instead of looking at my scribblings, have a look at mrunibro’s post above


Huh. So he doesn’t actually just run over you eh? This is actually some really interesting gameplay (as you said), and it really does focus on the micromanagement instead of “aaa run its oryx!”, you have to purposely make his shots spray from side to side and weave in between the gaps (with you going towards sometimes oryx just to sneak past his shots). Thanks for the insight though, I might finally enjoy this phase instead of just shitting myself while it was happening.


What? This is easily the best phase. If you can dance with O1 you should be able to dance with O2. O2 dance is even better since everyone isn’t dancing “for no reason” (aka both Quieted and Weak, pitiful damage done on boss during these phases). I often go in with priest and while not getting hit by any quiets or bombs heal the absolute crap out of everyone else. I probably rack up 20,000 HP heal total. Some people weren’t meant for the tango…

The exploding sun phase needs to go. Or MrUnibrow needs to post a video showing me how to do it because I simply cannot figure out how to dodge them all. I’ve tried like 15 times and have to back out.


I call it notorious because I see a lot of negative responses in the chat whenever it pops up.


Sun phase is even more broken than just not knowing the pattern. There are videos of people doing it solo, but because the suns aim at the closest player you can’t do it in a group. There’s literally no way to do it in a group without taking unavoidable damage.


That explains a lot. No wonder I find it impossible to not take damage. It seriously needs to be changed.


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