LH solo / small group - advice required


Hi there guys. I’m back, and super happy with the new Reforge mechanic! Today I woke up and went on Testing to practice LH on Trickster, one of my favorite classes. Since I’ve mostly done Cults and in the safety of a group, I admit that I’m not that well versed in clearing the rooms by myself.

The rooms I’m struggling with the most are:

  • Slime Rooms:

The big slime’s barrage makes it hard to aim consistently, and if I try to circle it, the rats and remaining beasts start dealing a lot of damage. How do you take on this one?

  • Golem Rooms:

The problem isn’t dodging the big golem’s shots, but dealing with the dark gray minions. How do you deal with those?

  • Crusader Rooms:

My strategy is basically backpedalling while killing the commander and his allies, perfectly doable with some patience and if you have rooms to backtrack to. But what if I don’t?

I figured that by doing it, it will improve my skills and make me less dependent on group runs, that’s why I needed the tips. One day I might consider rushing it, but I do not feel confident enough to do that currently. I’m hoping for feedback!


Slime rooms: A Knight can stun it if you are in a small group. If you are going solo, feel free to just rotate with the tentacles and clear the bat/rats without even attacking the main slime. Only downside is it can get sketchy if you have to backpedal from a future room. Ranged classes can generally clear the slime without too much issue.

Golem rooms: These are a massive pain basically no matter what. Try to kill the red golems first, they are the ones that do the most damage and will chase you. Pick off the others one by one. These are by far the worst rooms to come across whether rushing, soloing, small group, or large group. No getting around it.

Crusader rooms: you have the right strategy. If you can slow the commander your life will be easier. Crusades are also what make leaving slimes behind you a little scary.

If you want to try to duo a Cult or MBC let me know! I’ve never duo’d MBC, but I have done it in a trio and I have solo’d a Cult before.


Good feedback, all in all!

If you want to try to duo a Cult or MBC let me know! I’ve never duo’d MBC, but I have done it in a trio and I have solo’d a Cult before.

Ah, thanks for the invite. I’m still too green when it comes to LH though, so I’d put you in danger most likely. I’m also planning on doing them from Sentry, as I can’t bring myself to buy keys for gold.


Ah, I tried to clear the slimes. I got better, but it is still hard because there’s so many rats and bats following me, and the slime starts moving when its HP gets low.

EDIT: Dragging the rats seems to prevent more from spawning.


It is possible to circle around the crusade if you reached a dead end while backtracking. You just have to make sure you drag them round the edge of the room rather than the centre. This will give you hopefully enough space to run past the crusade on the other side. You also have to be careful of any minions in the rooms further on that might have stayed there.


From what I’ve learned from doing dry runs with Trix is that a well-placed decoy with a piercing weapon seems to do wonders.


bit outdated but might be worth a watch, petless + low range class

wouldn’t recommend circling slime rooms for beginners, as a crusade from an unexplored room can leak in and trap you. it helps to be on a longer range class and pick off the smaller machinegun slimes / bats / rats, moving in and out from a safe room

golems ye, aggro the red bois first, then kill the petrify guys (cuz they don’t run away), and finally the dark gray ones you’re having trouble with. if you’re on trix, can throw a decoy in the middle of the room to draw some shots away from you

crus are kinda nasty if you don’t have space ye. if you’re on trix, can throw a decoy into a corner and think about where to go next


have you tried rushing? with trix it’s really easy, especially for golem rooms - you just drag the angry bois to one side of the room and tp away, id recommend watching some old sebchoof stream highlights or something because you don’t really see many prod rushers using trix (gamers obviously won’t record themselves and even if they release themselves rushing after a ban, the fog of war is generally removed, a very different experience)


Slime Rooms: Don’t bother killing the rats and bats, they just respawn. Focus on the main slime and rotate close to it. Kill the little slimes if they get in the way. Be wary rotating too far out, as you can aggro crusades/marios from other rooms and will likely have to nexus. Be alert when you drop the slime by 1/3 of its HP as it will change phases and spawn more little slimes. Standing too close without moving will get you pelted and nearly kill you. On the last phase of the big slime, I wouldn’t try to rotate so close since it moves a bit erratically. If you are a ranged class just run in and out

Golem Rooms: Drag the big golem out at the start, and then push him into his next phase. When he returns to the middle of the room, try to drag the little guys and kill them. Reds will run up to you, dark blues/blacks will need to be damaged before they chase you (They always shoot their petrify shots in + and X shapes btw). The issue is killing the light gray ones imo. They just sit back and pelt you, and if you get to close you get shotgunned. No easy way around it, tank some shots and kill them. Once you cleared out half the room kill the big guy then clean up the rest.

Crusader Rooms: Honestly if you can’t backtrack you are just kinda screwed. You can kinda do a big circle, but the minions might clap you… backtracking is the best way to deal with them


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