List of RotMG Related Discord Servers


Links show up as expired if you’re banned, keep that in mind. Just because it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t necessarily mean its an actual expired link.


Swallows Hard



added sbc links since it’s back open


Thanks Niegil, join while you can!!


I’ve heard that some discords (specifically LH ones) do not allow you to be in other discords. I have not seen this in any rules, can somebody confirm which ones follow this rule?


I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that Discords banned from other discords are usually hackers, crashers or some combination of the two.


Oh so can join as long as youre not banned on another. thank you


Any of the servers listed here don’t do that.


Bee Keepers inv link dead, can’t fix since I’m not in it


Shoot neither am I lol, probably left it right after checking reqs/verification xd


It looks like the server was shut down (or I was kicked for whatever reason), and since it wasnt too active before that, I’ll remove it.

I dont know how to remove it from the table, so if someone knows how to do it, go ahead.


Any reason this one isn’t included here?


Cuz I don’t like Niegil, jk adding to top because it’s useful and probably more updated.


Smh makes no sense that shatters central is kinda dead but here but mine isn’t :frowning:


psst… the OP is editable by anyone. Go ahead and add your own.


Hmm how do you make your post editable by anyone?


by making it classified as a “wiki” page; it’s something only leaders and moderators can do.


ban me for one month please @ moderators


mynamerr was here


Updated Op since a few servers died.

Didnt update the table in the overview since I dont know how it works.

Someone with more html knowledge please make the following changes in the overview: