List of RotMG Related Discord Servers


Please use permalinks if possible (never expire, unlimited invite uses)!

This is a wiki post, so add/update links as you wish.

UPDATE: Join this discord.
Up-to-date list of rotmg discords, requirements and other info. Ty niegil

Name Category Verification Requirements Run Requirements
SBC Lost Halls 6 8/8s, 10000 Total Alive Fame Minimum 2/8 in DEX and ATT with "decent gear"
Lost Halls Lost Halls Must not be an alt Minimum 1/8 in DEX or ATT with T9/T3/T9/T3 gear
MCH Lost Halls 40 Stars, 2 8/8s Minimum 4/8 in at least DEX and ATT with "good gear"
Shatters Shatters 20 Stars, 500 Total Alive Fame Minimum 2/8 in DEX and ATT with T10/T4/T10/T4 gear
Dungeon Unity Misc Dungeons 20 Stars None
Dungeoneer Misc Dungeons 20 Stars, 500 Total Alive Fame Any Level 20 Character with Any Gear
Fame Rush Fame 30 Stars, 1 8/8 Character, 2000 Total Alive Fame n/a
Sentry Clean-Up Crew Sentry Event n/a n/a
ROTMG Speedrunners Speedrunning n/a n/a
Realm Slayers Close Realms/
1000 Total Alive Fame, 1 6/8 character n/a
Realm of the Mad God Subreddit n/a n/a
RotMG Ideas Discord Ideas n/a n/a
Deca Debrief Podcast n/a n/a
Jakcodex/Muledump Muledump n/a n/a

Thx Mynam and Survivor for adding some links before I posted this. :slight_smile: and Doc for the table help.

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maybe we could get this pinned?


easily should be pinned. i heard shatters central isnt dead, its just theres less keys ;-;


It’s not dead, it is indeed running very few to no keys at all.


yep, doesnt really run shatters too much.


Mynamerr suggested putting the thing into a table so I did, please let me know what to change. Google docs here.

Name Category Verification? Requirements? Remarks
LHZ Lost Halls Y 5/8+ \\ T10 Weapon T4 Ability T10 Armor and T4 Ring.
Lost Halls Lost Halls Y
SBC Lost Halls Y 2/8 atk/dex \\ T10+ weapon/armor T4+ ability/rings \\ 10k fame, 5 8/8s Link to invite thread, no public discord invite
Void Charge Lost Halls Y character reqs? \\ 3k fame, 2 8/8s
Lost Boyz Lost Halls Y 4/8+ \\ 28 stars, 1200 fame, 8 stats maxed (over all characters">
The Shatters The Shatters Y 30 stars
Shatters Central The Shatters Y
EDZ Assorted Dungeons Y 30 stars
Krazy Klub Assorted Dungeons N
EUN2.1 Fame Trains Y 14 stars
Fame Rush Fame Trains Y 1 8/8, 2k fame
Sorc Train Fame Trains Y 10k fame
RotMG Ideas Discord Misc N
RealmEye RotMG Misc N
/r/RotMG Subreddit Misc N 8==D
Realm Closers Realm Closing N
Bee Keepers Killer Bee Nest N
The Forgotten Foes Lost Sentry Event Y
Sentry Clean-Up Crew Lost Sentry Event Y

Edit: O it looks ugly halp

better? -doc @Doc thank you! ~Uni





forgotten foes does actually require verfication, also they also do other stuff than sentries, even though that basically never happens


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Oh oops, I edited it and kept it under sentries.


Somebody add the shatters server associated with pub halls I don’t want to do it on phone


Can you post just the invite link?





I would only add nests from those 3, but you can do what you want


Ok I trust you since I’m not part of these discs, I don’t wanna add dead discs.


The shatters disc from those 3 is pretty active so should add that too


Ignore this fake news


Really? I used the permalink from that Discord and still works for me.



Never mind for some reason it said expires


It did for me too, but then it worked and showed it wasn’t expired. Discord is good