Locked WC Portal 2 Minute Timer Sucks


One of the absolute most frustrating experiences in Realm of the Mad God is standing around and waiting for the WC to be opened. It either opens within 10 seconds, or everyone waits 2 minutes for someone to pop at the last second or for the WC Portal to disappear. This valuable time could be spent waiting in queue for the next realm or anything like that. If the timer was set to 30 seconds it would be fairer for the majority of players who may have limited time and energy to play.
I also would be quite okay with WC incantations to be rarer. I think that WC opening being taken for granted enables the sort of trolling and stalling that I’m complaining about.
In the same vein I believe Rune Pedestals should also have a timer to prevent similar intentional time wasting.

What are your thoughts on Oryx Caste, Chamber, and Wine Cellar? What changes or tweaks do you feel are necessary for quality of life or better experience?


i agree, 2 minutes is too long

a total rework of all those dungeons, i think they’re all very outdated

also a fame bonus for popping incs and runes (from: Idea. Fame bonus for every time wine cellar is popped)


Maybe they should make incs as rare as runes. That way, no one would just feed them or sell them for a glife and they’d actually have to farm for them.


I heavily disagree. Sure, there are more dungeons that drop incs than runes, but overall incs and by extension, wc pops would be much rarer. This would make accessing the wc much harder, which not only blocks out content for newer players, but it gives more power to discords, since people would only ever pop for discords.


way back in the day, back when WC was the pinnacle of endgame and incs actually were rare, this kind of behavior wasn’t even considered “trolling”, it was just the norm. this behavior is why the 2 minute timer exists in the first place in fact. people holding the inc would deliberately not use it and in a battle of raw patience where they and everyone else in their party would sit there and wait for all outsiders to leave. there was no timer and so there was no downside to gatekeeping unwanted members from joining and doing something that would hurt the group.

so no, rare incs will not fix your problems. these problems also aren’t even new. reducing the time limit would still probably be a good idea, you should just be aware of the context the current system came from.


Pretty much what goes on with Runes nowadays. That portal doesn’t have a cooldown, and until DECA got after some Discords about harassment, it was a lot more common to see them hanging around and threatening and/or attempting trickery to get others to leave. Not to say it doesn’t happen any more, but I more see then just accept the fact that others are going to exist in their runs and jump the gun. I agree that changing the inc system in this way wouldn’t solve anything