Login issue


I can’t login to any server. Reinstalled the game, reset the Internet, nothing helps.


just wait a moment and change the server. for me it worked then (waited few hours)


I’ve seen that many times. Normally ‘Try Again’ works. If it doesn’t because the server is full/borked then ‘Change Server’ might work. But occasionally neither works and you need to try again later, either 10+ minutes later (the time you get locked out sometimes if you trigger one of the anti-cheat measures), or hours later (some random unexplained problem).


observed it twice yesterday. both times with my Summoner, at first fighting parasite chamber’s boss and then fighting a small crab in ddocks. it’s like a neverending lag. i quit then (alt + F4) and cannot login again for… long time with shown error message. try again or changing server does not work then. just wait some time (after some hours it worked again).

hours and hours with my priest before did not lead to that error.

edit: and again… with my Summoner. so i’m off for today.


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