Looking for bulk sellers of top items


As I haven’t been active on the game in awhile, many of the supply contacts I used for bulk trade orders no longer play the game or no longer have a regular supply.

As such, I am looking to establish new trade partners for bulk orders.

I’m reaching out to the forum community to see if anyone has/is willing to sell large quantities of top items (READ: Etherite, Pixie, Fairy, Deca, UBHP, Shendy, select skins). I typically purchase in orders of 20-30, but anything over 8 at a time is fine.

I pay in pure life. Depending on the order size, I may be able to purchase 2-3 times a week from you if you have the time and the inventory capacity. I tend to pay on the low end of market price, but seeing as this is a bulk order, preference for a bulk discount is understandable.

The best way to reach me is through DM on realmeye.

Serious inquiries only.


We are all poor here sir

Or chronic Hoarders






You could try on the trading discord, but I can’t guarantee anything.


They have a bulk trading channel. This is perfect. Thanks


why the fck do i need to verify for a trading server :confused:
actually i know why …

but why do u still merch, you’re loaded… but merching these days are pretty easy.


If you’re asking why I merch… I don’t. I just have the server up in case I want to buy something.


no that was towards @IAmShurima

also might get shurima to take a quick look at my ideas from december if i ever get around to it.


Gotcha. I figured, but wasn’t sure.


You should try Realm*****


FYI, the forums really aren’t the best place for this — there’s no “trading” subforum because the RealmEye Trading pages serve that purpose.

[Not closing this thread just yet, although there’s really not a good place in the forums for this type of post. OB]


Shurima lost all his mules when he cleaned his computer, apparently.


To be honest, I lost a lot as @Unicorn pointed out. At this point, I’m kind of testing the waters to see the state of the economy. I’m also having internet problems where dungeons aren’t loading properly for me, so merching is one way to stay connected to the game while I figure out my internet situation. In the future, I’d prefer to spend more time getting the new whites than merching, hence why I think bulk merching is the way to go.

I agree. I was low-key fishing for trading discord links, since I’ve been gone awhile. You can probably close the thread. I’ve gotten what I need. Cheers!


[Works for me! OB]