Looking for some feedback on my video(s)


I made a few videos already, but as I’m bad at the game, I tried compensating my level with edits on the sides. But I’m not sure if other people find it interesting or not, as it takes a lot of time and effort to make.

Could I have some feedback from Realmeye forum’s users ?


Usually I do not find any game videos all that exciting, but I did like watching yours. Loved the stats at the end, that was my favorite part.

During the chest openings the banner on the left side was just extra that was probably not needed, but still a cool effect.

Nice job overall, and way to horde chests!


I can understand that the left side banner is just extra and maybe not needed. But I think it makes the video slightly different than the other PPEs videos you can find/see.

Yeah. The ending part is also my favorite part.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


a little redundant if you ask me, but you have 73 likes on it, so maybe i’m wrong
also, there is a CPE now? what is that?


It’s a charachter that only get xp, stats, and items by only farming the vault chests.


Maybe match the music to the video content, so whenever you get a white bag, there’s super hyped music. It’s a common thing throughout RotMG videos like yours. Overall, loved the video and the loot!


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