Luck of the Kendo Stick ? [getting lots of whites and donos in 2 days]


So, idk if huh something is wrong with me but huh…

totally not flexin’

Yesterday i got :

3 decas, soulless robe, book of geb from someone quitting the game (so for free) and a fairy plate in a giveaway.

Today i got :

Event whites ! Keychain cutlass, Helm of the juggernaut, Ray katana and Indomptable.

Yesterday and today i had in my inventory a Dirk, a Kendo Stick, Speed Sprout and T0 ring…

DECA EXPLAIN ! That day is not even finished yet !

Here’s a poll for you :

  • Luck of the kendo sticks (illuminati confirmed)
  • Coincidences

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EDIT : Coral bow, Tablet, magic mushroom, MMace MMurderer, Amulet of Drakefire, Puppet master skin, a rando that just /followed me, cool thing i was recording-


This thread is pretty :thinking:


More likely to be the t0 ring


Doubling on it.


Maybe deca added a special thing for the T0 ring that gives the wearer more loot like an attempt to abduct new players into the game so they have something “rare”, and they stay

EDIT : I emailed to deca, and look what i found :slight_smile:

Chris replied:

Hey Demonseye,

Thank you for contacting us.

Congratulations on the good drops you had. I can see your passion for the game and how much it means to you.

When it comes to your question though, please be kindly advised that we are not able to share such information as it is considered as private.

We will keep this secret as it makes the game more enjoyable and engaging.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

“We will keep this secret as it makes the game more enjoyable and engaging.” I completely agree ! But…

“will keep this secret” makes me suspicious. Guys, you should try placing these items like me in the main inv (not backpack) and we’ll together see if your drop rates raises up.


We all know this thread is just flex, right?


Welcome to realm theory


And you are welcome everybody.




I’ve made tests, and it seems that it’s the speed sprout that gives luck.




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