Maddymoon's Bad PPE Thread (that is still better than Dbiz's one) no matter what Dbiz says


Well, seems as if everyone cool is doing a ppe thread these days, so I’ll do one too. Here was my last ppe. I have a bit to live up to, but paden time.

Current Progress

ill post updates as they come.

stronger armour from oryx

even stronger armour from oryx

t2 seal 1/8 atk exa spd spirit dagger lbow
all from today, more updates coming soon™


ouch :pensive:


once I die, I shall be cool once more

EDIT: @Maddymoon don’t think I didn’t notice you copied my thread name :angry:


oops ill change that



nahh i don’t mind
I was just joking


ok, update time. (time to surpass @Dbiz )

max spd max vit robe sup hp

thanks for watching

quick update

4/8 dex and i died


Love how when I do a ppe I get one white and die to evil water somehow, but other ppl do ppes and they get 20+ whites and a 8/8 character


[off topic alert]

Wait, what the heck? I had just been stalking your profile, and then you changed your pfp lol

(Admittedly, I like it better now)


Yeah umm let’s just say my old pfp was getting a bit uhh creepy, lmao!!

Thanks I like this one better too😂

Wait a minute why were u stalking me!!! Your welcome to stalk me anytime actually, lol


Because I love data. What can I say. You were a new looking face, so… yeah! Welcome to the forums, have a :cookie:! Now back to Maddymoon’s PPE thread. Sorry, @Maddymoon


hard NOT to surpass me, as I haven’t even started
well technically I have the level 1 character, but I’m not gonna use it until after shatts event


wow bad thread; no update in 6 days

y no npe posts??? ??? ??? ??? ???


i died, taking a break from realm for a bit.


Any new ppes?


yeah im in the process of a pally rn

just playing minimally tbh

update tomorrow maybe


Any new ppes?


massive bump but no. can @moderators close this please? i’m quitting the game, if i come back i probably wont do any more ppes.