Maintenance Mode


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Hi Realmers,

As most of you are aware, the latest update introduced some unintended issues. As such we are putting the servers into maintenance mode while we work on a hotfix. We will keep you updated as soon as we have an ETA on a fix. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.




May I ask what the big bug was? I am quite curious


This is why everything should be pushed to public testing before prod, like in the wild shadow days…


From what I heard, there was a duplication glitch with the new vault along with people missing items.


I think people could dupe with the new Vault


Do they have any sort of rollbacking systems? Like can they actually put everything back to its original state before update(items etc.)?


Probably, but they also probably wouldn’t do that. Say you roll back to get rid of duped items. Then Deca gets complaints about people who also lost white bags, st’s, points, and other things during that time. Most of those wont have video proof, so Deca wont restore them. Then you get a Buch of people who lost stuff and are irritated at the game and company, leading to loss of players.


Yes, or at least it was done once before. When someone gained access to admin login to the game and used it to spam Oryx and other enemies in the nexus, killing a lot of chars, they had no way to resurrect those chars other than roll back the server to before the hacking. Which they did. Any characters that had gotten created to replace killed chars were added as new chars, giving many people free char slots (I got 2).

I don’t know if they could do the same now. If they can, it would be much less disruptive as no-one has died due to it. They might have to issue some refunds due, to people who have bought e.g. pot storage. And there could be a giveaway to compensate people for the hassle/time.


Yeah, i actually lost a mad lab robe white, sceptre of devastation and abominations wrath.


Yep happened to me and i accidentally duped a deca, then when i restarted game it wasn’t there.


Ah yes, the swatsec attack


they had no way to resurrect those chars other than roll back the server to before the hacking.

Those characters were indeed revived. If they had rolled back the entire database, they wouldn’t have needed to grant free character slots to accomodate the revives. The revived characters would have simply gone back to their original slots.


If someone had 2 character slots and one died, then made a new character, then without increasing character slots they would have had to overwrite the new character instead.


My jugg i lost due to da glitch :C