Map Reading Guides ( Abyss & Puppet Theatre ) WIP


Starting with the Abyss…

Compared to most Godlands dungeons, the abyss is really massive, the new one is shorter but the dead ends really hurt, it is at least easier to rush.

9 rooms from spawn to boss, don’t include both of those rooms.

Although it is hard to figure out while rushing, if you take your time clearing you’ll see rectangle rooms are mostly dead ends, pay attention to the lava, if there is no path it is an instant dead end…


Boss room can have 1 to 4 splits, anything above that is probably super rare or doesn’t exist.

With the new abyss, there are new rooms, the new rooms have a white demon inside of them.
If you see any of these rooms you are most likely in the main path.
These rooms don’t have any instant dead ends.

All the new rooms listed below…


The Four Corner room

Always has 1 split or more splits, has 4 white demons, 1 each corner.

The wtf do I name this room


If you see a path leading somewhere it’s a split, you can see at the bottom there is no splits, just random platforms, meaning a dead end. This room really sucks for rushing in my opinion. This is the room I take my breath and clear the enemies ( Piercing swords don’t exist for me )

The other room I don’t know what to name.


The checkpoints are all the possible splits, X means no splits, if you don’t have your minimap rotated, look at the minimap, the splits can be bottom left, bottom, top, top right.

The Giant Circle room


Troom Hunting Trooms always face up, so like in the snake pit, pay attention if there are rooms that have up splits. Trooms aren’t guaranteed, but sometimes they can be the first split you take from spawn. Also boss room has more splits ( not all the time ) that may lead to trooms.

vvvvv Regular Abyss Map vvvvv

srry colorblind ppl

Bad Abyss Map ( Don’t need to show this is basically every Abyss )

Puppet Masters Theatre Work in Progress


You should use screenshots of the game, instead of drawings. They look little like the dungeon I’m afraid, and even if they were much closer it seems silly to draw 2D maps of the game when you can just capture top down views from the game.


I quit the game I have no type of footage or screenshots.

Nobody makes videos on Abysses, its mostly O3s, so taking a good picture doesn’t ex-


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