March 2020 Login Calendar


Copied from the recent Deca letter: Battle for the Nexus & Deca Recap


Standard fare it seems.

The gold Legendary mystery skin can be:

These look like (as per the wiki):

If you want to boast about what it turned into, may I advertise the wonderful What Skin Did You Get? topic.


Out of the possible skins, the one I want the most would be the death rider, but anything besides a duplicate would be great


This one seems cute to get!
I really hope I don’t get a Timelock Mystic, I already have that one…


I want any assassin skin/ fat ass rogue
And seriously deca? No one gives a flying fuck about the golden clover~


I think that’s why it’s in the last spot; in the first ever login calendar, the character slot was in the last spot, and a lot of people ended up missing it because they skipped a day. Ever since, DECA has lowered the stakes slightly on the last day of the month.


I have that skin and I hate it it doesnt look like a rogue


They want to encourage you to login, not have you give up on logging in at all if you miss a day. So yeah, it makes sense.


If I don’t get this one cray is going to remove my other kneecap.


what happened to your other kneecap?
If I don’t get this I will remove my own kneecap


heroic knight skin pls


New month, new calendar: April 2020 Login Calendar