Marks for Week3


I was wondering what the week 3 marks will be as im going on vacation for that week and would like to get a head start.


Cave of a Thousand Treasures, The Machine, Battle for the Nexus, and MotMG marks.
Best of luck!

Obviously I am just kidding, we do not know.


Looks like you’ll be outa luck…


Why did I have to read your post three times before reading this line?

Anyway, it will probably follow a similar format with two difficult/rare dungeons, one rare glands dungeon and one common glands dungeon.
To be safe Id save up on any of the marks for epic quests, as well as ones that are difficult to find such as manors. The rest should be easy to farm if you have any spare time


i’m just hoping someone data mined the event or a dev tells me even if there is only a slight chance.


Dont really think anyone would try to data mine the next mark event but they would rather datamine something bigger. For example: The discord “SpoilOTMG” gets like sprites of enemies and dungeons or like What Neigil posts.


I can only hope


Shatters and Nest are the toughest two marks to get, and presuming they wouldn’t revisit Nest with it being in an event only last month, means the third week should prove easier than the second, whatever they go for.


ty, turns out I will have around 2-3 days to get them so with some luck it will be easy.


I thought the title meant “Marks for the Weaks”, and I got pretty offended ngl


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