May 2020 Login Calendar


Copied from a Deca event announcement:

Original image at:

April 2020 Login Calendar

Niceeeeee, Ambrosia for Divine and 2 additional chest to save up (Gonna open all the chests in Xmas).




Aside from ambrosia, kinda bad. I’d rather have a rare mystery character skin than a (legendary?) pet skin tbh
1 small gripe: In what world is a dye>ST shard??


Later on the calendar =/= better, unless you can convince me Grapes of Wrath are worth more than a vault coupon.

It’s a pretty solid calendar all things considered. Annoying that they didn’t go for the visual with all the ST shards lined up in a nice line - which, btw, is another reason why there’s one on May 1st.


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