Minecraft and/or Hypixel Skyblock thread


@xaklor :bree:

Discuss stuff and things here. Preferably about mc.

https://discord.gg/ubRgHSH Here is discord nerds

Minecraft Thread

why not make a seperate discord server since that’s better


because it takes too long


I think more forumers use the forums than discord.

But I’ll make one either way, good idea


what do you mean that takes too long you burnt toothbrush


I’ve edited the OP as well


it takes ages for create a discord server bro too much time

taim is gold bor


it really doesn’t


It takes ages to set up a server with ranks, bots, etc. Just a server to talk on isn’t that hard to make it’s like, a few mouse clicks/taps and you’re done.


I should have known who made this thread…




yeah that’s a really good joke you got there


@moderators merge with minecraft thread ? this one is pretty ded


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