Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx



the cover


Sooo true


Hellway to high




I like this picture
And the reason I like this picture is it shows you have a drawing stype that is different than other people I know who draw, had any of them made a mistake like that, it doesn’t matter how long it took and it doesn’t even have to be that big, it just has to be noticeable, they would throw it away, however apparently you are not a perfectionist when you draw (which is a good thing)

Also @EpicNecros I found the Never Gonna Give You Up video


I’m glad someone understands the struggle though, I was distraught when the speech bubble turned out to be too short but I hate restarting.

The reason I only draw in pen in the first place is to improve myself naturally. Make less mistakes, plan ahead, and smoother lines. It also doesn’t smudge pages/my hand like pencil does.


Solo Class of the Realm

Story credits; @Sturky

The three mercenaries come across a candyland hunting grounds. Hellway wants a new sword, Nyx is in it for the sweets, and Bloodranz tries his best to keep the girls from being killed. However, it’s not that easy for a rogue to change his old, independent ways.

A/N: Looks much cleaner than the last one in my opinion… but… How the hell do you draw intimidating unicorns…? lol
Same goes for making a rogue “disappear,” tried my best with that.


You did a good job making Bloodranz dissapear, but the unicorn just looks like an insane horse… :laughing:
Although that’s a good thing because it fits the situation better.


Crazy unicorn high on a sugar rush probably


So true. Come to think of it how do heroes handle eating all those gumballs whilst grinding those pixies…?


They’d have to be superhuman somehow. Digesting gum is not a simple process let alone slaying giant monsters for a pink sword lol


Hmm would make sense considering how the knight is so tanky and wizard so in control of magic etc. But rogues are just sneaky li’l bastards who got their hands on a magical cloak…


To be fair, Harry Potter did too at one point


O hecc. But Harry Potter got everything working out for him… An invisibility cloak, ownership over the most powerful wand in existence, even managed to survive a spell that kills you instantly twice… Imagine that same Harry Potter stuff in RotMG, rogues with wands who can survive death :wink:


Always been a sucker for handrawn pictures on lined paper, always adds that creative flavor. Don’t know how I didn’t find this thread sooner, I’ll keep it on my follow list.

And if you’re ever looking for ideas, check out the Lore section of the Wiki, tons of stuff there.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look at it next time I’m stumped.

It makes me happy that you and many others enjoy my work now :relaxed:


Enemy of the Cubes

Bloodranz wastes a cube in cold blood-- er, jam… no jello… Do cubes even have blood!?
Either way, he was lucky enough to get a Dirk of Cronus from a late cube god.
No ideas for comics again today, so I decided to draw a portrait for Bloodranz much like I did for Hellway and Nyx a while ago.


Etherite better eksdee

Jk nice art as usual


Friend of the Noobs

It turns out that stupid wizard wasn’t a bot, but a helpless noob. Nyx got her fair share of treats from the hunting grounds and gives him one of many gumballs. But to his dismay, he lost more than he earned.

S/N: I need to think of a name for this character, I’m thinking of calling him Oalei. I’ve always liked playing with the noobs. They remind me of how I used to be one too.


Then Oaeli dies and an Mwoods spawns from his grave.