Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


Sort of makes sense




So all these bots I’ve been ignoring are noobs who need help!?!?!?!


Not all of them. Beware.


Why don’t you do these on a computer program?


Computer is broke, tablet is :b:roke, and I want to master the art of just using pens.


That wouldn’t be nearly as impressive


that’s why I said it.


i have a good idea

draw em at the canadian presidential polls, with rmgnoob delivering a 9 hour long speech


Oh god what if the bot/noob was the dating sim MC

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces `t           i             m               e                   t           o                    k                      m                                     s`


Oalei best starter name.


do you know the lore behind all the starter names?




I’m totally into this :grin:



Just For Kicks

The mercenaries discover a parasite chambers. However, Hellway has a little too much fun kicking explosives into the enemies’ deformed faces before finishing them off with a buffed pixie. To avoid being victim to her tunnel vision, Bloodranz and Nyx standby as a result.

S/N: I’ve had a crippling headache for a couple days now that refuses to go away after drinking 8+ tylenols. So apologies in advance if the panels are looking sloppier than usual.


who uses pixie in para?


Smart people


sometimes its quite useful when you cant do enough damage to a colony with an acclaim or if you want the extra range


(Pixies a furious lasher upclose)


She would actually do that lmao