Mountain Temple/The Shatters Challenges + Event White x3! [May 12th to 20th]


time to get my ppe a jugg


Time to get a 2nd full Samurai ST set 8)

And I’d like to second this indeed - there were a lot of things brought up that will get looked into further 8D


eww gross


Fixed that for you


Fixed that for you


Fixed that for you


Time to get my first conflict


Time to get 8 juggs and get called a duper 8)


1 conflict and 1 bracer, that’s all I want, everything else goes straight into Dedo’s storage compartment * w*


Nearly 8 years on this account and I have never gotten a single one of those event whites. Perhaps this will be the time!


Remember kids, 3 times 0 still equals 0! :stuck_out_tongue:


I literally just got a jugg yesterday. When does the event start?


I just need a conflict, that’s all I need


Event graphic from the news panel (Flash):


I’ve used the sb Shatters ST staff on an alt and quite liked it, so will try to pick one of those up. Actually think I only have the ring of the non-legacy ones. And some more Doorwarden marks to roll RNG trying again for the robe as that’s the only one I haven’t got of the Janus items.

Will give the feeding frenzy of these events wbs a miss, as I’ve “enough” already of these three items since they’ve been in the game so many years. S>Jugg for Bee Quiver.


It’s to the point now that I don’t feel motivated to run many of the events-- yeah, there’s a Shatters event and I might get good items from it, but why bother? There’ll be another one within the next two months anyways; I can just run it then.

With few exceptions, I just don’t feel pressed to play, which is ironic given that that’s the entire point of the events. The campaigns often have me interested (when I can f2p them, ofc) and I like the ones that involve clearing the realm, but otherwise they’re all just so stale and repetitive. These events have become the very evil (monotony) they swore to destroy.


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