Muledump Asset Compiler Publications


Hello! I thought I would leave this here in case it is useful for anyone in the future. As part of the Muledump Asset Compiler, I now publish ROTMG XML and sprite sheets automatically when Deca publishes updates to the game.

Publication typically occurs within half an hour of Deca publishing updates.



The one that’s most useful for me is

They can be used for who host MuleDump locally. I do as it’s the way I’ve always done it; once set up it keeps running forever, and all the online instances of it haven’t been updated recently.


I thought about mentioning that one here, but this particular forum is for XML so I decided not to. But yes, these also get compiled at the same time as assets –


Most wiki editors use muledump since a long time :smiley:


this is so awesome !!! !! thank you :3