Muledump not working for my exalt account


I can not get into Bluenoser Muledump. The newer Online version says I can’t connect to the servers. BUT, I can connect with my wife’s muledump and I verified that when I change something on her character or move something in her vault the changes are reflected on her Muledump. I even tried the old 0.8.2 version of muledump and it works for her character but not for Bluenoser.

I can however use my Steam login to access the steam (flash) version of my Bluenoser rotmg and it works ok. BUT I could not use regular chrome rotmg version anymore to access rotmg that way. I did let the chrome version time-out and noticed that it now wants port 2050 opened. I opened port 2050 on my router/hub and flash player for Bluenoser then started working. I only mention this because I am thinking it is related.

I logged into Exalt Rotmg on Bluenoser and it works just fine. I QUIT out of Exalt and then tried Muledump for Bluenoser and it still does not work. So I can only think that perhaps I need another port opened for Muledump to work for Bluenoser. Any one have an idea on how I can get my Muledump to work ?

NOTE this is not the 1 or 2 day problem DECA caused for muledump vault chests and then fixed.


do you have a bard on your account?

I tried looking at my muledump also a little after the bard update, and it wouldn’t show my main account, all of my mules showed up fine and the only difference I could think of is my main having a bard, as the mule I’ve played with on exalt worked perfectly fine.

if it isn’t bard that’s causing the issue I’d also like to see a solution lmao

Edit: I just attempted to refresh my muledump and my main showed up fine, it has a bard on it. ig bard isn’t the issue

Edit^2: glad I could help lmao


I do have a bard on the account. Let me kill it and then check


There you go, I killed my bard and Muledump worked. Thanks @HorusKane . This was driving me crazy but I did not think of that.


I don’t understand a lot of what you’ve said, as I don’t play via Steam.

But I know that this Bard update, if you normally do manual updates to your own Muledump (to display new items via updating the constants.js and the renders.png in the /lib folder); you also require the updated sheets.js file this time around to make any account with a Bard display right.


Nevov, you are correct, but at the time of this problem there were no updates for constants.js, renders.png and sheets.js. That was my first thought at the time as well. I have not checked yet for new ones mainly because I am not using EXALT at this time.

EDIT sorry this turned into an Exalt rant

I don’t play exalt because I really really REALLY don’t like the changes to Exalt’s chat system. I want to be able to interact via Left mouse click for TP, Block, Whisper and whatever else. I know its a small thing but I really dislike the CNTRL + Mouse click which now requires 2 hands to do this. Very dumb idea.

I have changed as many keys/options in Exalt to the Flash rotmg equivalents but there are still some other changes I dislike such as that really annoying Sound that happens when you or someone else logs into Nexus (another small but extremely annoying issue). I think that the screen resolutions are cool but the only way I was comfortable playing was changing resolution to 800X600 similar to Flash rotmg.

Big Issue for me
It seems that with Exalt they will have finally killed off Mules as I can’t find a LOGIN Screen that will allow me to change accounts. Do I need a separate Exalt launcher for every Account/Mule now ? If this is the case I will probably just quit. It does seem that I must be missing where the Change account screen is though.

It bothers me that they pushed exalt at us and its still not finished or polished. I would love to play the Bard but they limited it only to exalt which is I guess a smart move for them to force people to change to exalt, I think they are making a mistake doing this. I have more laggy moments in Exalt than I do in Flash. So I will keep playing the Flash based game until either it falls behind too much or perhaps if I find that the game finally has gotten to be more of a chore than fun.

note: probably should give this a new thread


Please put this rant in one of the exalt feedback threads. I agree on everything.


you can login to other accounts on your exalt client, but you can’t do multiple at a time.


as for the other issues you’re sadly going to have to wait for Deca to allow you to change those factors yourself

I love the new load in animation but I’d love to see an option to make it smaller or remove it from dungeons


Thanks for pointing out the logout/login option.

I was also able to open 2 different exalt accounts on the same computer and trade between them so I guess mules are still supported.


How? Separate launcher and steam launcher?


Do you know of a way to change the chat system? I dislike it so much.


I don’t believe there’s a way to change that currently


well, if I remember correctly I installed exalt from the web browser version. Then the next day I installed it again from the web browser version but to a different location. I open one version of exalt from the desktop Icon and the other from the installation that I just completed. I used my main account and a mule account and was able to trade some items between them. both were on exalt.

I really really hate the chat system so I have not played on exalt since. I am hoping they will at least give the options to make it the same as the flash based game


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