Muling on a Mac


This is a short guide how to run two, or even more, instances of the game at the same time, on a Mac.

That’s it. No third party software or similar. Note it downloads the game once for each account, because it stores it in the user folder for each user. Settings for the two accounts are separate so you might need to set up things again.

Why it’s called ‘fast user switching’ is perhaps not obvious. It’s fast relative to traditional shared systems where one person has to log off before another logs on. Fast user switching keeps both accounts logged on, with all apps running. Iit takes several seconds to switch; fast enough for occasional trading maybe.

You need a Mac with lots of RAM to do this, but you need a Mac with lots of RAM to run the game. Quitting other apps before trying it might help. Quitting the launcher as soon as you’ve finished with it definitely helps.


You forgot an extra step:
Buy a windows PC so you can play the game without frameskipping on a 3000 dollar desktop

And if you think I’m hating, I used mac for 8 years. I know how bad it is.


My Mac, a mini, cost under $1000, is over eight years old, and runs the game pretty well. It has been well looked after though: RAM upgraded from 4GB to 16GB, SSD replacement for the main drive. I can run two instances of the game without a problem – before the security patch I would do so regularly on my main account.

I did think after posting it that other people might have better experiences. My Mac is pretty old, and newer Macs might be able to e.g. do Fast User Switching faster, maybe much faster. I note in particular that the new iMac has Touch ID on the keyboard, and i suspect that will switch accounts very quickly.


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