My concepts/sketches


Iā€™m kind of late, but god fucking damn, the one with the Malphas statue has got me real fuckin intrigued my guy. I dunno if you work on actual concepts, but your spritework is literally stuff I would not be surprised to see in game.


thanks for kind words! :slight_smile:
More soon!


This is absolutely fantastic.


Another preview.

Keep working! :slight_smile:

Danger place!



Obidian temple.

I started making columns for the temple.


Deadly Flowers.

Changed the red dots to the flowers.



Hiding under the ground. When approaching the player breaks out and sprays spores.


Generation, etc.

I think about the logic of building levels. How rooms should be connected in order not to interfere with the generation of the rest. interesting to know about the features. I understand little of this. OUCH.


I used Malphas color, ha ha :smiley:



:tropical_fish: :fish:


Worms attack!

I wanted to colonize my world with giant worms. But I received some feedback that questioned my implementation plans.

But now, when I received a comment from an experienced person who understands the realm code. I had hope again!
coder answer:




Cant upload a new imag for some reasons :confused:
Well there an update:

Realm Eater!

Another concept for my dungeon idea. I am inspired by the idea of giant worms. I will continue to improve this version.


He is a simple cocoon. He has two tasks only:

1) reproduce offspring to kill realmers;

2) purr. :3


Random crossbow sprite.



wow, some really nice artwork in these concepts!


coding worms in general is easier since they are simply repeating the same movement and you can simply use a loop in the coding to repeat a step while normal monsters have seperate phases that have to be coded in seperate loops (i assume)


I personally have no code experience. I completely devote myself to drawing. I will give your comments to the person who will be involved in my project with code part! Thanks! :slight_smile:


wait wait wait a second you are CODING this ā€¦ is this dungeon going to be implemented ingame WUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.