My PowerPoint Art


Not rotmg related or done in Powerpoint but drew a Toon Link fanart this morning and figured it best to post here.

(If you can’t already tell I’m not a great drawer)


still better than me lol


Joined F A L L, made a pic about it.



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If you dm me at XHippobroX#3357 on discord before 6/4/19 3pm pacific time to be featured in an upcoming artwork. I have based this selection of people based on highest response, if you would like to be included in the future when I do a similar event, just leave some kind of response on the thread. I really do appreciate comments with ideas, things I can do to improve or anything of the sort. So I will be giving back to these individuals using events like this.

Edit: ended, hoping to work on and get the image out as soon as possible.


@SoloSen @KevinKDW @Campfires @DosVapes


New art for the motmg event hope you enjoy.


Randomly found a drawing I made 2-3 years ago

The thing on the right side is a grave but it got cut off when scanning and I was too lazy to try and scan this thing a third time.

My best guess is that this was in reaction to either this assassin

or this one

I hope to be able to get one out for Halloween or maybe sooner hard to get this stuff made with school. Hope you enjoy anyways


Not at all rotmg related but just a little meme I made out of a joke with some friends.

will be getting back into rotmg stuff soon






As any normal person, when I say soon I mean like 5 months. Sorry for the wait, for the probably like 3 of you who still care about the crap a make and put on here.

Bonus crap I made for discord unrelated to realm but I thought was funny enough to show