My PowerPoint Art


Not rotmg related or done in Powerpoint but drew a Toon Link fanart this morning and figured it best to post here.

(If you can’t already tell I’m not a great drawer)


still better than me lol


Joined F A L L, made a pic about it.



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If you dm me at XHippobroX#3357 on discord before 6/4/19 3pm pacific time to be featured in an upcoming artwork. I have based this selection of people based on highest response, if you would like to be included in the future when I do a similar event, just leave some kind of response on the thread. I really do appreciate comments with ideas, things I can do to improve or anything of the sort. So I will be giving back to these individuals using events like this.

Edit: ended, hoping to work on and get the image out as soon as possible.


@SoloSen @KevinKDW @Campfires @DosVapes


New art for the motmg event hope you enjoy.