My recent death and rant


Please read the whole thing before criticizing me thx

Death in realm is the game’s way of punishing players if they make a mistake, however, when the death is caused by an outside factor, like lag, it makes the death penalty completely unfair. Before I get into my case, I know Deca won’t revive characters no matter the case. The death that I most recently experienced was my 6/8 warrior with dblade and CC. I was just farming godlands and out of nowhere a background app popped up and I couldn’t exit out of it in time and so my warrior was doomed. This death was out of my control as it was on someone else’s computer and I had no way of knowing that would happen. Before you say “its your fault” and “no one cares”, at least answer this question for me. Will deca give a f*ck and compensate me in any sort of way or will they not care at all? If I had to guess, they will just ignore me, but there may be hope. Remember I am not begging and I am not asking for pity. I just believe that this death was completely out of my control in everyway and I shouldn’t need to suffer the consequence of my beloved warrior’s death. I will accept a character’s death if I was in control of my char and I just die. Not if some background app I don’t even know about decides to force me to tab out and lose all control of the game for 10 seconds.

If the game lags badly one can just quickly exit out of the game and prevent death. I didn’t have that option.

Thanks for letting me waste your time.


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