Mystery ST Chest


Have any of you gotten a mystery ST chest from the oryx event? I haven’t seen anyone get any, and it feels like its drop rate is similar to that of the vault chest unlocker during MOTMG.


so nonexistant? /s
it probably is rare bc deca won’t wanna give away st’s for basically free


all my friends on discord got like 5 already

and here’s me who’ve done ~20 wine cellars with literally no loot from oryx/chest (not even tops)


I was in realmslayers and rl got two but dcd from one




Use clovers :stuck_out_tongue:


Also a lot of people don’t call out what they get, I hardly ever do that anymore. I just tell my guild what I got



I got one, it ended up being the new Waki


got the forgotten ring


What a ‘mystery’.


Here’s one I got. Or at least here’s what was in it, an Etherite, as could not wait to open it. The bag also for evidence as I presume it’s that colour because of the chest (there were pots + the drink also).

Also a lot of people would not of seen me call it out as they all disappeared into the Battle for the Nexus. I’ve been getting tops and not calling them at all, there’s just no point/time.


Had 1 yesterday (ST spell) and 1 today (Ryu Wakizashi).
Have never had a vault unlocker from any chest event ever.

Similar to @Skandling I hatched immediately, and most everyone had left by the time I spoke.