Name Change


Can i take the name of a person that has 2 stars and 2 years in last seen?


Most likely no but you’d have to email deca regardless to find out.


What name ?


Seems very unlikely. The game like others (games and other things) with online accounts operates on a first come first served basis. There is no mechanism to usurp a user name, once it’s been claimed.

Your only hope is a purge of inactive accounts. They did this once on server migration, and it could happen again. Maybe with Unity; not immediately as the plan is for the Unity client to work seamlessly with existing accounts and servers. But after Unity if they are migrating to new ways to distribute and serve the game, migrating accounts might make sense again.


Because it has at least 1 star, I doubt it. If it has 0, you may at least have a small chance


They don’t need to purge accounts, an idea I’ve seen posted a long time ago was that, after 1 or 2 years without any activity in the account, it would automatically get its name reset to default Eendi usernames.

That means more QoL for us and even if someone who was inactive came back they would still have their progress intact.


That would piss of an enormous number of people though. Everyone who takes a 12 or 24 month break basically. It’s hard to say how common this is but people post queries about them (“how do I recover my account after x years away”, “been away for a couple of years, what’s changed?”) very regularly.

The one time it happened it was a massive event. Lots of advance warning, lots of time to move your account over, modifications to the client to support it, a one-off done for technical reasons. I can only see it happening for similar reasons.


But they’re not losing anything on their account, it’s not like your account name will be your ID forever, you’re tied to either a steam ID or an e-mail account. It’s only their public nickname that gets taken away.

Having paying customers happy and using fresh, actually decent nicknames is a lot more worth it than caring for someone who quit the game 2 years ago.


People also saved names for themselves via mules.
One famous example is the Clocking account. It’s just there so noone takes the name Clocking. (certainly a case where I do understand it.)
Regardless, there are alot of great/funny nicknames that have been taken yet those accounts are not used at all.

But I 100% agree with your post. Why make someone happy who hasn’t been logging in at all, if you can make another guy happy who plays the game.


I did the same thing with Bluenoser and Biuenoser (capital i). I did not want people wandering around impersonating me. I did eventually have several people tell me they tried to get Biuenoser but it was taken … well by one of my mules


What’s the name??? :grinning:


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