Nerdcore RotMG Song Suggestions


I’ve seen people make music that could be in the game, but I’ve never really seen many songs about the game. Specifically, songs about characters, common player experiences, or community memes. Yeah, I’m asking for a RotMG nerdcore song akin to stuff from DAGames, the Stupendium, JTMusic, etc.

What stuff in the game would you guys want a nerdcore song about RotMG to be about? Examples could be a Thessal romance song, mourning over player-character deaths, frustration over loot, etc. I’m mainly making this post as a brainstorm thread so that I and maybe even someone else can use these ideas for songs.


linkin park in the end but its about dying to random lag in sprite world


@niegil what do u think
I wanted to ping jason but im too much of a scared individual