New Fame Train Server?


EUN 2.1 went down awhile back and I can’t seem to track down a fame train disocrd server anywhere.

what’s the main server people use nowadays


Fame rush (ew) max eff (EWWWWWW) or Medusa train (disgusting reqs) are the main ones


these are the two big ones that run high quality trains


Elite train is dying since it has no idlers and 50k reqs… same thing for med but 40k reqs. and no real reason to train out of max eff tbh.


No senseable reason to fame train when you already have 50k fame and white star.


theres a lot of reason to train - lots of people aim to train to top characters or legends


troll idlers have been a big reason trains are dying prematurely though


Can you link the discords?


theres a new public train that started today and seems to be running good trains if you’re interested:


prediction: its falling apart within 2 weeks.

max eff is here btw


yeah thats usually the fate of pub trains unfortunately :frowning:



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