New Shatters Server - Shatters 200


Hello everyone! It’s Hinderance here. FrostOwl and I have decided to create a new Shatters server! Both of us have good raid leading knowledge, and FrostOwl was a former raid leader in the Peach servers. We are very excited to start up this server and hope to get runs going as soon as possible!

Verification is currently still under maintenance, so we will manually verify you. Thanks for your patience!

Shatters 200

why the number 200?


Shatters 2k18 :thinking:


??? its not like its year 200…

its usually like 2000 or like 100


2K18 bruh.


Also why is this in off topic? OP, may want to move to community hub.


I’m with scorchmist on this one, that still doesn’t make sense


So everyone was kicked because someone leaked permissions to get a bot and nuke the entire server. NOTE IT WAS NOT ANY OF THE MODS OR ADMINS. We’re trying to figure out. If you have any suspects or know what happened, just tell me the story or add me on Discord and tell me the story

My Discord: Jungwoo#0001






So that’s what happened… I tried to join, and then couldn’t say anything, thought the discord was poorly managed and left.
Thanks for clearing it up.


Aren’t you Uisu


he is


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