No Rare Feline Eggs?


The Nexus never sells Rare Fline Eggs, despite selling EVERY OTHER KIND.
Pretty upset about it, does anyone know why its like this?


on realmeye there is a page that shows you stuff that is being sold. I wouldn’t recommend buying eggs. Most people just throw eggs away and they don’t cost many pots in usw3.


Realmeye agrees with you, no rare feline. I would just put it down to DECA overlooking them.

I too would never spend gold on one, as the chance of it being one with abilities you want is quite small. If it’s just for fusing than any pet egg will do, as you can change the family by changing its skin in the pet yard.

  1. Why do you want feline eggs? Most people shoot for human or ??? family.

  2. You can just fuse 2 uncs and change their family to feline.

  3. Why are you wasting money on eggs?


hi hi In like 2 years of this game (inclu old acc) I still have no clue why pet familys matter


It used to matter more a couple years ago. Now it just saves you the 1000 fame cost to switch pet families.


certain pet families have guaranteed skill as its first.

also families is spelled wrong.


My english teacher?


Ok does human have like mheal as its first or something?

Also I’m pretty sure the correct wording would be “spelt wrong” rather than “spelled wrong” <3


Yeah one of them has it and the other has heal for its first ability

2nd English teacher?


Mr. Zewouwu, you are an interesting fellow. You possess low grades in my class, and judging by your speech, it is apparently why. In your sentences, you miss commas and periods.



Maybe the real english teacher was the friends we made along the way


Spelled is actually correct, the fuck u talking about




I’d have to find the update, but didn’t DECA further balance that out a while ago? I seem to recall them trying to break the lack of variety in pets by making it so that those certain pet families weren’t exclusive to being eligible for the “golden combo.”

(I mean, even if that wasn’t the case, obviously you can just switch your pet family now anyway. I also haven’t had a need to test this inquiry, because I’m far past needing a proper pet.)


I’m going off of knowlege that I had for a long time; I didn’t pay attention to any patch notes until when I came back earlier this year, so I wouldn’t know.


Fair enough. Yeah, I’ll have to cite my sources later when I’m not super busy, but I swear that happened. It just didn’t affect me enough for me to care to remember in detail lol


Well, I also recall realmeye wiki saying what I said, and basically everything I know is from realmeye.


Last time I hatched smth only humanoid had a guaranteed skill.


Oh ok im from the UK and here we say “spelt”. Saying “spelled” is wrong in the UK