Nubie's PPE Thread


Hello everybody, Ive been losing a lot so I decided to start a PPE, watch as Nubie stumbles and falls to every possible thing in the realm. Enjoy!
Begining in Nexus, of course, Necro beause why not, pet is rare heal,Mheal 70/70



Once More! With Passion!



First Equip Ugrades
T1 Def Ring

T3 Robe

T3 Staff

Ring 2!

T5 Staff

Alright Im just gonna skip ahead a bit to level 20
will skip some scs, but will document upgrades


Ah Heck

Trying again tmmrw


I recommend only posting level 20 gear and stats, and also gear upgrades from t9 onwards for weapons, t10 for armour, t4 for abilities and t3 for rings. And of course whitebags. And maxed stats.

Good luck.


Damn windows xp.


use flash projector


Using browser, jesus. I wish you luck on your ppe good sir.


Alright, thanks guys, here we go,

Alright, will do, and Ill also post deaths

heheh :frowning:

Ive tried a lot for the past few weeks/Months, and I still cant get it to work, I use the new link and everythng, even ccleaner

Thanks for the luck!, and yep browser
t5 ring pre lvl 20! Whoop!

Also, met the really cool dude @hardbrick
Allright level 20, here goes:


And I got a severe case of udl stack shot

Nice run tho, 10/10 will continue later


Another day, Another PPE.

Did an LH but got nearlt popped, idk if it was a drag.


Found this stuff, and dex and spd, except ichimoniji

Yeet! Condu BOis!


T4 Mana Ring

T5 Skull

Holy moly this is going well


OHMy GLob, Shattss is so fun, and deadly!

Whew, this is great, I need to do this more


image <---- whats this? A CHRISTMAS PFP







Equip Updates:

And goddamnit lag

Was having some little lag in oryx and somehow took every shot


Sorry guys, might be on a small hiatus for a while, really feeling burnt out with 5+ failed runs and a bunch of other stuff, once again sorry